Principal Investigator (PI)


Adam Zlotnick, PhD

Simon Hall 220A


Adam’s academic geneology


Research Scientist

Research Assistant Professor

Joseph Che-Yen Wang, PhD

Focus on structures and interactions between nucleic acid and capsid protein

Associate Research Scientist

Saleha "Banu" Vuyyuri, PhD

Cell Biology of HBV



Postdoctoral Fellows

Smita Nair, PhD

Characterize Apobec3A and HBV capsid interactions

Shefah Qazi, PhD

HBV capsid chemical modification


Research Associates

Steve Dunkelbarger

Works on core protein-nucleic acid interactions.

Kim Young

Lab Manager


Graduate Students


Chris Schlicksup

Study structures and interactions between HBV capsid and small molecules

Zhongchao Zhao (Kevin)

Study stability and early HBV intermediates

Nicholas E. Brunk

Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Degree Student in Biotechnology

Use computer simulation to study capsid assembly

Caleb A. Starr

Focused on investigating the possible self-phosphatase activity of the C-terminal domain of HBV core protein. 

Christine Kim

Investigates how small molecules binding to the capsid changes capsid dynamics and their potential effects on the virus lifecycle.  


Undergraduate Students / Lab Technicians

Patrick Laughlin

Studies structures and interactions between HBV core proteins and small molecules.


Administrative Assistant

Meredith Peterson

Simon Hall 220


Honorary Members




Former members

Last known positions

Lu Ruan, MS

Congratulations to Lu on earning his Masters Degree

Lye Siang Lee, PhD

Research Fellow

Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore

Balasubramanian Venkatakrishnan (Bala), PhD

Principal Investigator

Syngene International Limited


R.I.P. 2017

Liu Yang

Indiana University

Sarah Katen, PhD


Indiana University

Patton Lab


Lichun Li, PhD


(Assembly Biosciences team)

Work on drug screening and the effect to the capsid assembly

Samson Francis, PhD


(Assembly Biosciences team)

Design and modifiy specific purpose molecules for HBV

Jason J Deer


(Assembly Biosciences team)

Work on HBV antiviral


Chenglei Li, PhD

Post Doctoral, NCI-Frederick
Lab of Vinay Pathak

Johannah Shigley (Lab technician)

Indiana University

Michael Priestley (Graduate Student)

Indiana University

Omeed Malek (Undergraduate intern)

Indiana University

Lisa Selzer, PhD (Graduate student)

Postdoc at Stanford University

Sereena Abraham (Undergraduate intern)

Indiana University

Andrew Martinez (Lab technician)

Indiana University

Zhenning Tan, PhD (Graduate student)

Assembly Biosciences

Chao Chen, PhD (Postdoc)

University of South Carolina

Alex Kukreja (Lab manager)

PhD program, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Jennifer Babchuk (Lab technician)

Kara Pettinger (Administrative assistant)

David Nickens, PhD (Research associate)

Indiana University

Samyuth Subramanian (Undergraduate intern)

Indiana University

Alexander Kuang-tsu Lu (Undergraduate intern)

Adam Michael Schafer (Undergraduate intern)

MD-PhD program, University of Illinois at Chicago

Kelsey L Shean (Lab technician)

Cara Renee Switzer (Lab technician)

Indiana University

Reeha Dhason (Lab manager)

Brittany Grantham (Undergraduate intern)

Stella Aniagyei, PhD (Postdoc)

Charles Packianathan, PhD (Postdoc)

Florida International University

J Zachary Porterfield, MD, PhD (Graduate student)

Yale School of Medicine

Kevin Burns

Dept. of Forensic Sciences, Alabama

Pablo Ceres

SomLogic Inc.

Christina Bourne, PhD

Dept. of Veterinary Medicine, OSU

Stephen Stray, PhD (Postdoc)

School of Medicine, Univ. of Mississippi

Jennifer M Johnson

Dept. of Biochemistry, OUHSC

Sushmita Singh, PhD