Fun times on Lake Lemon Fall 2019

Congratulations to Dr. LyeSiang Lee

This Week In Virology (TWiV) comes to Indiana University! Click MicrobeTV.TWIV466 to watch the full episode.

Send off party for Sarah and LyeSiang
Beatrice by Lu
2017 AZ and Bala @ march

Adam and Bala, in various shades of yellow, participating in The March for Science - April 2017

2017 Indy march
The March for Science - Indianapolis, April 2017
Bala and Mrs. Bala, The March for Science - Indianapolis
Physical virologists can also be perturbed. We think this photo was taken in December. . . but we are not positive.

2015 August hiking @ Brown County State Park


Lisa graduation

2015 Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Selzer!!!


woodchuck cookie

2014 September celebrating woodchuck king for Alex @ group meeting room



2014 June Fairwell Party for Alex & Chao @ Adam's House


Zhenning Graduation

2014 Zhenning Lab


Lab Zhenning Lisa David Alex Samson Nicholas Kara Chenglei Lyesiang Lichun Joe Bala Chao Adam DC Edgar Beatrice Alex Lu

2014 Lab Photo



2013 August BBQ @ McCormick's Creek State Park



2013 June
Delightful gifts (cookies) from Sarah & Mary



2013 May